General Questions

Yes, online databases work for any version of Windows, all depends on your browser. I recommend you to install the latest version of Google Chrome - this is my main development and testing browser, therefore I guarantee that service will work for you.
Yes, online databases were succesfully tested on Safari.
Yes, but only if you use any modern GUI browser. Text browsers like lynx or old browsers are not supported.
Yes, online databases were successfully tested on all versions of iPad, including Mini using Safari and Google Chrome browsers.
Yes, it works in the built-in Android browser, as well as Google Chrome for Android.
I'm not sure, I have seen no problems while testing it on various Android and iPhone smartphones. All depends on the browser. I personally recommend Safari for MacOS and Google Chrome for any other OS.
Yes, but sometimes you may get minor problems with dynamical pages like quick filtering, for example.
No. Querying huge databases and managing big keyword lists heavily load my expensive servers, therefore I have no chance to provide free or demo version. In any way you risk nothing: I offer unconditional money-back guarantee.

Payment Questions

Click "Subscribe" button, you will be redirected to Pay Pro Global - my authorized reseller. Choose payment method, pay and wait a bit. Pay Pro Global will process your payment, notify me about the purchase, then I will create your account and send you your login and password. It usually takes 2-3 hours, however may take up to 6 hours on weekends. Please note that Pay Pro Global may call you to verify your order, therefore you should provide a valid phone number in the order form.
Yes, you can - just choose PayPal as your payment method on the order page on Pay Pro Global order page.
It usually takes 2-3 hours, however may take up to 6 hours on weekends. Please note that Pay Pro Global may call you to verify your order, therefore it's better to provide a valid phone number.
No. Huge databases require the same expensive servers independent of the customer organization structure.
It's better to forward such questions to Pay Pro Global - my authorized reseller. I'm a developer who sells my products and services through a shop, therefore all financial questions should be forwarded to the shop. I don't sell my products or services directly.
You can order any number of licenses or accounts, however any given license may be used by a single person from a single computer at a time. If two or more people will try to use the same account simultaneously, one of them will be locked until another will end his session. If you need more than one simultaneous connection/session, you have to buy the corresponding number of licenses.
It's better to contact Pay Pro Global and ask them why it happened. I have no control over their fraud check department. In most cases, however, it's because you provided incorrect phone number or haven't answered their verification call on time.
They will be archived, not deleted. You can ask me to unarchive them when you need my databases again. Please note than restoring your data is a manual operation that may take up to to few hours.
Yes, I offer unconditional money-back guarantee. You can find more details in my Refund Policy at the bottom of this page.

Questions on Keyword Databases

No, all databases contain only deduped, unique keywords. If you see that database has 1,000,000,000 keywords, it means that it actually has 1,0000,000,000 unique single-word and multi-word keywords.
Yes. For example, English 1,000 contains all keywords from English 800 + about 200 millions extra keywords.
No. You may treat my databases as huge plain lists of keywords you can quickly search, filter, sort, edit, etc.
Yes, all of the keyword databases contain adult keywords.
Yes, all the keyword databases contain pharmaceutical keywords.
Yes, all my databases contain misspellings, mostly popular.
Yes, the most recent databases cover all niches. Not even a single of my customers ever told me he hasn't find his niche keywords.
No, but I'm working on it.

Database Querying Questions

Depending on the resulting list size, from 0.5 seconds for 100,000+ keywords to 15 seconds for 10,000,000 keywords.
You, filtering depth is not limited. For example, you can create first query for "business" keyword, then filter it with "online" word, then further filter "online business", etc.
Yes, any query is limited to 10,000,000 results, howevery you can get all the results using "skip first N results" option into multiple keyword lists.
Use "skip first N results" option. If total result size is 30,000,000, you can get all of them with 3 queries: first without skipping anything, another one skipping first 10,000,000 results, and the last one - skipping first 20,000,000 results.
No. If you really need them, please contact me.
No. If you really need them, please contact me.

Keyword List Questions

All lists are limited to 10,000,000 keywords.
Number of keyword lists is not limited, however their total size is limited to 3 Gb. When you reach the limit, you must delete any of the older lists and files in order the create new. If you need more than 3 Gb, you can purchase additional database space for $1 per Gb.
No. The only limit is the total document size which includes exported files as well. If you reach the limit, just delete those you already downloaded.
You can export keywords and data to CSV, then import .csv-file into Excel. Please note that by itself Excel wasn't designer for multimillion-row files.
You can use "minus" operator, like -free in the Quick Filter box.
You can use "minus" operator in conjunction with "squary brackets" operator, like -[free]
It depends on the keyword lists size: from 0.5 seconds for 100,000 keywords to 10 seconds for 10,000,000 keywords.

Keyword Data Questions

Unfortunately, data update speed doesn't always depend on my desire. I do my best, this year I update data once in 3-6 months.
Look at any database release date. Taking into account that data update usually takes about 3-6 month, it means that average data age is 1.5-3 months older than database release date.
Yes. Use "Column Query" feature of any database.
Yes, send a request to
You can find the complete list of the columns and their meanings in the Help.
Some kinds of data are extremely slow or expensive to harvest, therefore I focus my efforts on highly popular and highly expensive keywords, leaving "long tail" without the data. I work hard to cover all keywords with data. I hope it will be done this year.
Yes. Blank data means that I haven't got any data for the keyword, zero data means that I actually queried the data from the source and got zero response.

Questions on Databases as Text Files

You can use it to develop software and services that doesn't directly or indirectly compete with my software and services. For example, if you launch intranet keyword suggestion tool for your employees only, it's OK. If, on the other side, you launch public (it doesn't matter - free or paid one) keyword research tool or service using my data, your license will be automatically terminated and I will immediately initiate legal actions against you to force you stop using my keywords and data.
Please contact me for more details.
I will provide you unlimited access to my FTP server for 30 days starting from the date of the purchase.
It depends on the age of the database, most often it's ANSI with data fields separated by |or ; They have the same columns in the same order as online databases.
Yes, but you and your employees are fully responsible for the process and its results. I don't provide software development or data management services.
Updates aren't free, they cost from 30% to 60% of the current TXT database full price depending on the time passed since your last purchase or upgrade of the given database.
TXT files due to their size are not suited for manually viewing or editing them. You must import them to any database or software system of your choice in order to use them.
Sorry, but I don't provide data harvesting or software development services.

Affiliate Questions

30% from subscriptions, 15% from TXT database sales.
I use Post Affiliate Pro, installed on my server. It's a de-facto standard software in affiliate world. You as affiliate will be able to view detailed real-time reports on your results, plus get prompt notifications on your sales and comissions.
Please send a request to
I pay via PayPal twice per month: on the 1st and 15th of each and every month. There is no upper or lower limit of affiliate payouts.